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healthy habits Aug 05, 2021


“If I hear the word ‘new-normal’ again I’m going to lose it” is the expression that many employees have told us over the past 12 months.  However,  while the phrase may be frustrating for many, the continual changing of the goal posts are testing our ability to adapt. We appreciate that for many, the pandemic has allowed some new challenging habits to form, there have also been some positives too. 

‘Covid-keeps’ are defined as habits that we have built during lockdown that we don’t want to lose.  This may have included new walking routines, eating schedules, yoga stretches,  mind-time and much, much more.  All of this is great but as we gear-up to the next covid-chapter it is useful to plan which habits we would like to keep.

So let’s look at a few examples. If you have developed a walking habit, perhaps a couple of times in the day it may be hard to spontaneously fit this in when you are at the office.  You may have to get creative and get off the train a stop or two earlier or walk to the station rather than drive.  It is unlikely to happen without prior planning so take some time to work out when and how you can continue to fit walking into your daily routine.

Another habit which is quick to get shelved when returning to the office is planning meals ahead of time rather than grabbing a quick bite once you are at the office. Instead you may have to be super-organised and get up earlier to make you lunch or better still plan for a healthy dinner and cook extra for the following days lunch.  

Exercise may have to be more variable depending on whether you are at home or in the office.  You might want to re-engage with a gym that’s close to the office that you went to in the morning or on the way home from work.  

No matter which habits you want to keep it is likely that it will be by design rather than chance.  Consider using a daily planner to schedule office days and home days as two separate timetables.  Remember, be realistic with what you can achieve and be forgiving if you don’t manage to stick to it.  

Author: Dr. Adam Greenfield, Co-founder of WorkLifeWell | Doctor of Chiropractic | Wellness Specialist

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