Health Disclaimer

WorkLifeWell Health Disclaimer

Effective date: 4 July 2020

Health Disclaimer

Disclaimer: The WorkLifeWell Academy includes various types of exercise programmes; fitness, yoga, pilates etc. Not all health and wellness activities are suitable for everyone, if you have any underlying health conditions, you must consult a physician before participating. You should always join in with the warm-up before any exercise session and never go beyond the level at which you feel comfortable. Unless given permission by physician, certain sessions should not be attempted if you suffer from serious (history) of joint/muscle problems including, but not limited to, pain in the: ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, spine or neck regions. This warning is not to be discounted. The user assumes all risk of injury in the use of this programme. If at any time you feel you are beyond your current fitness abilities or you feel discomfort, dizziness or nausea, you should discontinue the session immediately.

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