The latest top five employee wellbeing trends - what you need to know to keep your organisation up to speed

May 07, 2023

At WorkLifeWell, we believe there is incredible value in knowledge sharing and learning from others, so we’ve rounded up some of the most prominent trends of the year so far from our clients across a breadth of industries. 

Whether you have a full-blown wellbeing strategy but aren’t resting on your laurels, or you’re still in the developing stages, we hope these ideas will help you on your journey to happier, healthier workplaces for all.


The five employee wellbeing trends of the moment

1. Help with Hybrid.  While it’s no longer a new working practice, bad habits are easy to fall into, and for some, it can amplify feelings of isolation and belonging - especially new starters. To address this, increased help with hybrid working is being offered on topics such as ‘Managing in Hybrid World’ and ‘Managing Energy for Productivity’ - covering tools and techniques for structuring days at home, managing flow, and workstation...

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