The Art Of Goal Setting

Jan 17, 2022

For many of us, as we transition through the first quarter of the new year, we feel that urge to make significant changes in our lives, but while it is easy to say, it is much more difficult to do and even harder to maintain.

So where does one start when the urge to make change comes over us - it all comes down to strategy.  At this stage people often question, are we just better off simply getting on with it rather than wasting time planning it all out?  

The answer to the question really depends on you, the individual.  If you are the type of person that is quick to change and then quicker to change back, then strategy is the key.  There are 4 key areas that are useful to consider when planning life-changing.

1) Plan around your weaknesses

We all have things that we enjoy doing and things we don’t, so when considering change the first thing to do is work out what some of the difficult areas that are potentially holding you back.  The reason that...

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Did your new yearโ€™s resolve, dissolve?

Jan 25, 2021

As we approach the end of January we get a chance to reflect on just how we are doing and we ask ourselves did your new year’s resolve dissolve?  

As the new year’s clock strikes the final gong of midnight we are often motivated to make changes towards new goals. We started the month with great intentions, so as we near the end of January, how are we doing? 

The first couple of weeks are relatively easy for many as it’s new and exciting but as we head past week three, the excitement is wearing thin! In fact, research shows that in the US by the end of week two, 25% percent of people have already given up their resolution. So as you struggle to hold on to the waning pendulum of new habits, what can you do to keep it going? 

Can you become the 75%?

  1. Reflect - This is your opportunity to take a step back from your new goal, behaviour or routine and see if you are actually doing what you wanted to do. If you are, then great,  on the other hand...
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