Why do a Wellbeing Audit?

Mar 30, 2023

Many organisations know that they are investing time, effort and money into wellbeing activities which don’t seem to have an impact. But before adding new activities or culling those deemed unsuccessful, conducting a wellbeing audit will enable you to strategically plan and develop an evidence-based approach to wellbeing across your organisation.

As a diagnostic tool, a Wellbeing Audit is the first stepping stone to assessing both overall wellbeing and your offering, before planning and delivering activities which attract, engage and retain your biggest asset - your people.

So, what are the bigger benefits and where should you start?

Conducting a Wellbeing Audit will enable you to…

  1. Listen and understand how your people are feeling physically and emotionally, and how their wellbeing and happiness levels are impacting on performance. By understanding the baseline, you will have a more robust starting point to measure against moving forward. 
  2. Identify...
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