How to find calm in the Christmas chaos - 5 mindfulness tips for the festive season

Dec 15, 2022

The festive break is meant to be a time to relax and unwind, right? But following a couple of years of unwanted Covid-shaped stocking fillers, high expectations of Christmas 2022 may add extra pressure for many of us. Stressors such as social anxiety from resumed work parties, economic uncertainty and the cost of living crisis, can be a lot to deal with - all while trying to get everything off our desks before the end of the year.

So amongst all of this, how can you maintain your sense of calm, and, if not peace on earth, then at least in your mind, this Christmas? 

Try these mindfulness tips for the festive season (and beyond):

1. Give yourself the gift of morning meditation 

Do you reach for your work emails on your phone as soon as you wake up? Before you do anything, start your day with 5 minutes of meditation. Use an app, such as Insight Timer (free), which has guided morning meditations, or simply gently close your eyes, relax your jaw and focus on the...

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