Flow to flourish: Blog part 2

Nov 09, 2022


If we think of our mental health as a continuum; burn-out at one end of the scale, languishing in the middle and flourishing as the optimum, anything less than flourishing is a watch-out signal for managers and businesses. It means we are not getting creativity, productivity or performance. 

Flourish; to grow or develop successfully: to achieve something aimed for. - Cambridge English Dictionary.

When we’re flourishing at work, everyone benefits - colleagues, the organisation, and those we do business with. So how can you best support yourself and your colleagues in order to thrive?

Three ways to spark flourish

1. Flow; the art of getting completely absorbed in a task, losing a sense of self and time - not worrying about the past, future, or how one will be perceived, and when the ‘doer’ and the ‘doing’ become one. In flow, we’re moving away from stagnation. One way to experience flow is through single task focus. Did you know, ...

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Why sleep matters

Jul 06, 2020

 The UK loses just over 200,000 working days a year due to sleep deprivation among its workforce.

In recent years, businesses have clocked on to the importance of employee wellbeing. However, one fundamental part of employee health and happiness is often overlooked, sleep.

It has previously been estimated that lack of sleep among UK workers is costing the economy up to £40 billion a year, which is 1.86 per cent of the country's GDP. And that, shockingly, if individuals that slept under six hours per night started sleeping six to seven hours, roughly £23.9bn could be added to the UK economy. [1] Thinking about this in terms of days, it has been suggested that the UK loses just over 200,000 working days a year due to sleep deprivation among its workforce. [2] With figures such as these demonstrating a clear relationship between sleep and the economy, we make sure it is an integral part of our wellness strategy with each of our wellness...

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