How to make changes that last

change goals success Jan 13, 2021

Did you stay up late on New Year’s Eve to make sure that last year did actually leave us?  If you did, were you disappointed that the new year was exactly the same as the day before? 

While the year transitioned and gave the illusion of something new, apart from the date what else changed?  You are the same person with the same set of skills and surrounded by the same people; nothing actually changed! So what can we do to make changes that last?

For most, the new year brings with it a sense of opportunity and a desire to make positive changes in habits and behaviours. The majority of these changes are usually focused around nutrition and weight, exercise and routine.  

When it comes to habit formation and real change there is one concept which is important - success.  Whether you want to change your posture, your desk setup or your entire life you want to avoid making changes that can’t be maintained. Smaller changes with achievable goals are usually the way to go.  

Once you’ve fully established a new goal then you can easily increase the goal or add a new habit to it.

Research has shown that it is the failure that is the problem. When you set yourself an unachievable goal most start with great success but the continual pressure on your willpower in combination with ongoing pressure from the voice inside your head can quickly lead to a failure.  This is often followed by a return to the old ways and worse still strengthens the old habits.

So the next time you feel ready to make some positive changes in your life, create an overall goal and then give yourself little achievable steps to make it a success.

Author: Dr. Adam Greenfield, Co-founder of WorkLifeWell | Doctor of Chiropractic | Wellness Specialist

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