I.Q vs. E.Q

eq iq May 21, 2021

The IQ test, or intelligence quotient, was first invented in 1904 and was for many years widely regarded as the measure of how successful a person will become in the future.  However, more recently researchers have worked towards understanding the emotional quotient  (EQ) and its effect on our future successes and failures.   

The notion was that in general, those with higher IQ’s are successful and tend to earn a better salary, however that doesn't paint the entire picture.  

Emotional intelligence is a composite of multiple skills. From understanding your emotions 'self awareness', being able to manage your emotions 'self regulation',  wanting to change 'motivation', being able to 'empathise' with others, and ultimately improving your 'social skills'. 

This unique combination of attributes, when considered together, provides for a well-rounded individual that is able to manage and lead at the highest level.  Research shows that those with higher EQ skills are more successful in their careers and have leadership qualities inline with top-level management.  

One interesting aspect of EQ is that while you may be born with a high level of skill at the start, one is able to learn and build on these skills as you go through life.  The difficulty with EQ is there isn’t necessarily a course that you can go on which will turn you into an EQ master.  Rather to become a master of EQ, one has to learn through education, life lessons, mentoring and most importantly practice.  

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Author: Dr Adam Greenfield, co-founder of WorkLifeWell | Chiropractor | Wellness Specialist

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