Sleep and efficiency

Sleep better, reduce stress and increase productivity


With increased stress and anxiety, the UK are amongst the worst sleepers. Insufficient sleep not only impacts on our ability to concentrate at work but can be the catalyst of many medical conditions such as high blood pressure and obesity.

Sleeping badly costs us time and money. This workshop teaches you some simple techniques which can drastically improve the quality of your sleep, stabilise energy throughout the day and minimise fatigue.

You will:

  • Understand how natural rhythm contributes to the quality of sleep we achieve
  • Learn why sleep matters and ways to improve the quality of sleep
  • Be taught a tried and tested sleep system that will improve your nights sleep
“ Our staff love it when WorkLifeWell come in. We have seen an increase in happiness, engagement and reduced sick days. Can't recommend them enough. ”
Dipexa Patel
Head of Human Resources
“ WorkLifeWell have been amazing in creating a positive change in our company. We have had practitioners, personal appointments and a number of workshops. ”
Phil Stanton
Managing Director
“ We’ve worked with WorkLifeWell on a number of wellness initiatives. They’re a pleasure to deal with and the results speak for themselves. ”
Erika Ely‍
Head of Human Resources
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