Nutrition and energy

Enabling employees to improve diet to boost morale and motivation


Even though there is more information out there than ever before, we continue to eat the wrong foods, impacting our mood and productivity. Almost 50% of adults admit to eating unhealthy due to stress and anxiety in the UK.

We dispel the myths surrounding nutrition by getting back-to-basics, teaching the fundamentals to maintaining long-term health to fuel our body and brain.

You will:

  • Understand the impacts of sugar on the body and its wider effects on our brain and energy levels
  • Be able to take nutrition into your own hands. We will simplify how to analyse nutritional values on all packaging, empowering you to make informed nutritional decisions
  • Understand what you should eat and how we make the right choices for unlimited energy
“ Our staff love it when WorkLifeWell come in. We have seen an increase in happiness, engagement and reduced sick days. Can't recommend them enough. ”
Dipexa Patel
Head of Human Resources
“ WorkLifeWell have been amazing in creating a positive change in our company. We have had practitioners, personal appointments and a number of workshops. ”
Phil Stanton
Managing Director
“ We’ve worked with WorkLifeWell on a number of wellness initiatives. They’re a pleasure to deal with and the results speak for themselves. ”
Erika Ely‍
Head of Human Resources
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