Mindfulness and breathing

Develop a positive mindset to reduce illness and sick days


Our everyday lives have become more hectic and frantic with our minds being over stimulated and over worked. 

Committing to consistent mindfulness practice can drastically improve the functioning and efficiency of our brains. This workshop breaks down the boundaries of mindfulness to make it simple and accessible for everyone to do.

You will:

  • Learn what mindfulness is
  • Be taught how to practice mindfulness and how it can be used day-to-day
  • Create your own daily routine focused around mindfulness and breathing
“ Our staff love it when WorkLifeWell come in. We have seen an increase in happiness, engagement and reduced sick days. Can't recommend them enough. ”
Dipexa Patel
Head of Human Resources
“ WorkLifeWell have been amazing in creating a positive change in our company. We have had practitioners, personal appointments and a number of workshops. ”
Phil Stanton
Managing Director
“ We’ve worked with WorkLifeWell on a number of wellness initiatives. They’re a pleasure to deal with and the results speak for themselves. ”
Erika Ely‍
Head of Human Resources
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