From managing stress, to improving mental and physical health, we help employees build resilience and form positive new habits. We focus on improving productivity and performance.

Our Approach

We start by surveying your employees to identify the key areas of health and wellness that will require particular focus. We then get together to discuss our recommendations and agree a plan of action to improve team wellbeing and productivity - and we're away.

Adam and Oli giving a workshop introduction with clients at WorkLifeWell
A man learning the tools and techniques at WorkLifeWell

We come to you

Workshops are delivered in your office (or somewhere else if there isn’t enough space), lasting 60 to 90 mins and can be joined via webinars and live streams to other locations.

Tailored to your team

Each workshop is tailored to your teams needs and comes complete with incentives and challenges. We then follow up to measure how everyone is progressing towards achieving personal and team goals.

Adam and a client who is learning the key areas of posture. Workshops that benefit you.
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