Build your own well day by creating a unique combination of taster workshops, one-to-one surgeries and more.

Well days

Build your own wellness day or week to inspire colleagues and spark change.

Choose topics from Stress Management and Positive Habit-Formation to Resilience, Mental Health - and much more.

Well-days are delivered at your office (subject to space, don’t worry we can always find another venue), and always tailored to your needs.

Your team will leave feeling energised and ready to perform at their highest level.

Clients taking notes at WorkLifeWell day and week events
one to one surgeries at WorkLifeWell

One-to-one surgeries

Sometimes it takes an honest one-to-one conversation to get to the heart of the matter, understand what causes stress and how best to deal with it.

After listening hard, we'll co-develop a personal wellness plan, with clear and obtainable goals.

We'll set a few wellness challenges along the way and then check-in to keep colleagues on track.

Taster workshops

You may not know exactly what you need until you have experienced a WorkLifeWell workshop.

No problem, we can deliver a taster workshop which blends a number of subjects such as Stress Management and Positive Habit-Formation. We'll introduce colleagues to some key concepts of stress, stressors and stress-buffering. Helping your teams to better understand how their stress can be managed and take a few simple steps in a positive direction.  

clients understanding key concepts of stress management and positive habit-formation
WorkLifeWell conference with clients

Conferences and seminars

We deliver keynote presentations to larger groups at seminars, which can be streamed live to employees spread across different locations.

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