We’re here to help you to nurture a positive culture that enables employees to produce the best possible work, collaborate better and support each other.

We help build a culture of wellness

We first establish current levels of wellness and identify what triggers stress, working alongside HR and senior leadership to agree clearly measurable goals. Together we create a tailored wellness programme which fully addresses your specific needs.

Management Training

We will train your management team so they’re equipped with the tools they need to lead and maintain a culture of wellness across the business.

client writing key information - Management Training with WorkLifeWell
Adam with client, DSE assessment workshop

Workplace assessment

We are spending more time than ever before sitting at desks and staring at screens, so we carry out workplace assessments with a difference; to help employees to start a new habit. Our DSE assessors will correct posture and positioning so that employees are comfortable, reducing the risks of pain and helping people perform at their best.

One-to-one surgeries

Sometimes it takes an honest one-to-one conversation to get to the heart of the matter, understand what causes stress and how best to deal with it. After listening hard, we'll co-develop a personal wellness plan, with clear and obtainable goals.

Oli with client, one-to-one surgery

Spark a change, start new habits