Why the team won’t discuss their mental health at work!


Mental health relates to emotional, psychological and social wellbeing and can be affected by periods of short-term or long-term stress, depression, anxiety and many other mental health conditions. In fact, it is said that 1 In 4 experience poor mental health.

Even with the media and prolific social figures, such as athletes and Prince William, challenging the stigma associated with poor mental health, so many are still uncomfortable with talking about it in the workplace (49%) or to their line manager (56%).

So why ae your team still reluctant to talk about mental health?

·        Fear of negative consequences relating to job role and opportunities

·        Worry about views of peers

·        Management don’t talk about mental health openly

·        Don’t know how to start the conversation

What can you do?

It’s time to talk. When management show that it is OK to talk about mental health in the workplace, employees will more likely feel safe to open up. Show an understanding of the ways in which symptoms of mental health can be improved with nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, for example. Having a wellness strategy is key to showing staff that you understand the implications of mental health in the workplace.

Time to Talk, 6th February 2020, is a national campaign that raises awareness of the importance of conversations about mental health. This year focuses on the game ‘Would You Rather…?’  

So, would you rather…

Continued mental health related absence, leaveism and presenteeism or Start the conversation?

Get in touch to see how we can support your organisation,managers and employees to talk about mental health in the workplace all year around.