Think 20, 20, 20 in 2020


As we settle into 2020 we often begin New Year's resolutions to make our lives better. How can we take resolutions for healthy habits into our workplace?

Simply apply this rule to your New Year whenever you are back at your desk and it will help you to rest your eyes, body and brain.

Every 20 minutes stand up for 20 seconds and look at a distance of 20 feet away.  

20 minutes: Standing every 20 minutes helps reset our posture, offload the discs in our spine and lengthens some of the muscles that get tight when we sit down.

20 seconds: This short period of time away from the screen creates a succinct but useful window to reset our brain and restore our concentration.

20 feet: By lengthening the focus of our eyes, we decrease eye strain which can occur when we stare at a computer screen for too long.

By consistently practising this easy rule, you will alleviate the symptoms of stress on your body to remain focused and productive.

Remember to keep your work life well in 2020 and think 20,20,20.