Simple WorkLifeWell-ness initiatives that kick-start a strong wellbeing culture


Despite what you may think, wellness initiatives do not have to be costly and have proven to be the perfect way to show employees that their health and wellness matters.

Here are a few ways we implement our wellness initiatives into any office on any budget:

Lunch and Learns

Lunch breaks are the perfect opportunity to encourage employees to come together to learn something new that may be outside the remit of their day to day work. A good starting point is to create a ‘Lunch and Learn Wellness Series’ covering a variety of topics, month to month; anything from Nutrition and Exercise, to Sleep or Mindfulness.  It’s also been hugely beneficial to many of our partners to bring in on site practitioners that relate to each topic, such as mindfulness practitioners, nutritionists or even yoga instructors who then run a small class off the back of the lunch and learn.

Monthly Health Challenges

We find participation-based incentives are a brilliant way to build momentum and motivation throughout the office. At the start of each month we set up a healthy challenge that can be done in large or small teams or even individually, boosting both office morale and individual health. Our partners have found offering small rewards or prizes really help to encourage overall participation.

Previous challenges have included:

·        Steps challenge

·        Hydration Challenge

·        Nutrition Challenge

·        Mindfulness Challenge

·        And many more!

WLW Wellness Wednesdays

We have found this to be a simple yet effective way that to keep wellness alive throughout the office. Every Wednesday, quite simply one member of staff is tasked with sending an email to the whole office highlighting an interesting article surrounding wellness, or perhaps a health tip or recipe that may be of interest. Our wellness partners have found this to be a great way of keeping everyone involved and linking all the wellness initiatives taking place in the office together.

Create A Break Out Space /Relaxation Room

Giving employees a space away from their desks to relax, eat their lunch or even hold informal meetings in has proven to be essential. Such a simple addition to the office has greatly impacted the employees and company’s performance as well as encouraging those all important breaks away from work stations and screens.  Our wellness partners have found these spaces increasingly essential in lifting staff moral, nurturing mental wellbeing and supporting productivity levels. Management who now encourage frequent breaks in these dedicated areas have seen their employee’s stress levels significantly decrease and are now reporting higher levels of satisfaction with their work and substantially fewer reporting feelings associated with ‘burn-out’.