Is sitting the new smoking?


If we asked the question, how many hours of exercise would you need to do to combat the effect of smoking, you would likely look back with a puzzled expression on your face.  In fact, you can’t combat smoking by adopting another lifestyle habit. The cigarette would still take its toll and the exercise would still create its benefit but one would not combat the other.  

The same is true for sitting. 

We can’t combat the effect of sitting by increased training at the gym.  So when we ask the question, are you an active individual, the majority of us would answer that resounding yes! Despite sitting for most of the day, many UK adults spend up to 9 hours a day sitting, we think we are still active.

Long periods of sitting are a significant risk factor for certain health conditions. These include conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and even certain cancers.

Workplaces are beginning to recognise this problem and are starting to encourage a more active environment for their staff.

For more information regarding the simple things you can do to create a more active workplace, speak to WorkLifeWell.