Avoid sugar lumps to avoid sugar slumps

You’re feeling tired and unproductive so reach for a sugary snack or drink as a quick fix, only to feel worse a short while later…
Sound familiar?

A sugar slump or sugar crash refers to the symptoms felt by many after reaching for a sugary drink or snack made up of simple sugars that, soon after consuming,causes your body to spike your insulin in order to lower your blood sugar levels. This spike can actually leave you feeling more tired, shaky,unmotivated, sluggish and may trick you into thinking that you need more.

Avoid slumps by choosing balanced meals throughout the day; promoting consistent energy levels and feelings of wellness, which in turn will help you to remain productive and high performing.

Tips for avoiding high sugar intake:

·        Take note of the amount of sugar in your food and drink, e.g. your bowl of cereal and fruit juice

·        Consider a lower sugar alternative, e.g. swap your fruit juice for water and find cereals with no added sugar

·        Have balanced meals, with protein, throughout the day to avoid the cravings

·        Try a no-sugar challenge with colleagues and friends. Share which foods you have been surprised by for high sugar content (you will find others will be surprised with you) and which great alternatives you have found.

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