5 Simple investments to create a healthier environment for your employees


Healthy workplace + healthy employees = thriving business.

So, what simple fundamentals can you put in place to make sure you are giving your teams the best foundations for wellness?

Here are some easy ways to create a healthy work space and kick start a healthy office culture!

1. Ergonomics

Every office needs furniture, so you may as well get it working for you by making sure it is promoting productivity.  The term‘sitting disease’ is a phrase that has become more prevalent in recent years as a result of people sitting a their desks for too long and/or incorrectly.  Investing in chairs that provide employees with the right amount of support, with adjustable heights and back positions as well as considering some sit-stand desks to decrease back strain and encourage mobility is the best place to start. From here, having a qualified DSE assessor come into the office to make sure everyone is set up correctly is the next step to take.

2. Make mental health a priority

Work-related stress, anxiety or depression is suspected to account for over half of all work days lost in the UK[1]  making it a high probability some of your employees are struggling with it too. Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year [2]. First and foremost, making mental health support accessible is crucial so that employees know they have someone or somewhere to go and discuss their personal problems in private. More creative incentives like email support, workshops and wellness days are also great ideas.

3. Break out spaces

Creating quality break out spaces where employees can spend 5 or 10 minutes de-stressing or just simply relaxing can drastically improve the way they feel in the office. This space not only demonstrates a supportive and caring company culture but also provides a space for employees to gather together and socialize. Managers should also visit the break out spaces, which helps build open lines of communication with employees in a natural environment.

4. Healthy snacks

Providing a selection of healthy snack choices instead of the typical biscuit jars demonstrates a supportive and caring office culture and will help boost office productivity by eliminating that afternoon energy slump which is usually the result of a sugar crash following unhealthy snacking.  Snacks like fruit, nuts and energy or protein bars make for easy and simple snacks that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

5. Correct lighting

Correct lighting in the office can greatly impact productivity and efficiency. We receive roughly 85% of information through sight, so appropriate lighting, without glare or shadows, will reduce eye fatigue and headaches and support work productivity by keeping drowsiness and eyestrain at bay. Getting enough natural light into the work space can be a challenge but there are plenty of alternatives out there that will supply the office with that energising boost. Consider lamps with dimmers or even daylight-mimicking light bulbs.

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[2] Mental Health Foundation – Mental health statisitcs: mental health at work